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3 Announces Christmas MiFi

5th August 2009.

It's not specifically a wireless network router, but it's rather interesting anyway. 3 UK have announced that they will be launching a mobile wi-fi service, that they have dubbed MiFi in time for Christmas. The mifi service involves a small wireless modem which sends out a wi-fi signal so that multiple wireless devices can connect to it and use the modem to access the internet.

personnel wireless networking from 3

The wireless modem is just 86 x 45 x 10mm, and so allows you to carry your own personal wireless network with you
wherever you may roam. The example 3 uses is that of checking emails on your netbook whilst downloading a track from itunes onto your iPod touch.

I guess it would be a boon for those spending a lot of time travelling, or who find themselves weighed down with wireless enabled devices. No news on pricing yet, but if it's reliable, cheap and makes good use of 3's generous data tariffs, it could be a big hit with the salesforce.

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