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DNSSEC - don't panic

28th April 2010.

You might have seen some scare stories floating around the web about a change to DNS on 5th May which will 'stop the internet working' or 'freeze your home router' or other tales of doom. Don't worry - Router-geddon is not yet upon us.

What's really happening, is that on 5th May the domain name system is switching over to a new protocol which is more secure. DNSSEC as it is known adds digital signatures to DNS queries. This is a really good thing as it will prevent many of the phishing attacks that currently take place, and will make it harder for nefarious individuals to interfere with your internet traffic via man-in-the-middle attacks.

On 5th May all 13 DNS root servers will be using the new protocol, and at that point some old or poorly designed kit may struggle to find anything on the internet. But the kit we're talking about is corporate firewalls and ISP level gear. The routers that most people use at home will be completely unaware and uneffected by this change. As long as your ISP is not a cowboy outfit run by your mate in his shed you should be fine.

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