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wireless articles

Wireless and wi-fi

What's the difference between wi-fi and wireless?
Confused by wireless standards? 802.11ac, wireless N, 802.11g, SuperG, MIMO explained.
Can I mix wireless standards or different versions of wireless? Yes. Here's how.

buying a router

Buying a router

You can't beat free. Find out which free routers ISPs provide and if they're any good.
Want to know how to buy a wireless router? Read this before you buy.
There are different types of router. We explain the differences and which type you need.

what's the best router

What is the best router?

Everyone has different needs. Our wireless router wizard will find the best router for you.
If you want a router for a specific purpose, try the following articles:
•  What is the best router for Playstation3?
•  What is the best router for Xbox 360?
•  What is the best router for Nintendo Wii?
•  What is the best router for the Apple iPad?
•  What is the best router for a tablet?
•  What is the best router for gaming?
•  What is the best router for streaming TV or video?

router problems

Router problems and settings

Problems? Try our trouble-shooting guide, how to fix a broken router.
Got a new ISP? Standard router settings for UK routers, wireless routers, and modem routers.
And some specific UK ISP settings for ADSL modem routers.

wireless security

Wireless security

Wireless security problems? Read our simple guide to wireless security.

Can't see what you're looking for? Try our search box in the top right corner of the page.

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