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Best Gaming Routers

Best Router for Gaming 2014

Here are the contenders for best router for Gaming in 2014.

If you're looking to game, you're looking for a rock-steady connection, with low ping and low latency. This normally means you will be connecting to the router via direct wired connections rather than wireless. Like for like wired will always be quicker than wireless. For a wired router connection to the router, the key consideration is how fast is the wired connection. For wired gaming gigabit ethernet ports are a must-have feature. Do ensure the cable you use and the network port on your gaming computer/console are also capable of supporting gigabit ethernet. There is little difference speed-wise between routers that provide gigabit ports, so other factors then start to come into play. Our Router wizard will find gigabit routers that best match your needs.

Not all home layouts allow for a direct network cable connection between the router and the gaming machine though, so in that case you will either need to look at powerline networking or wireless. Powerline networking is normally ok if your home wiring is in good shape and you can plug directly into a wall socket (i.e. not an extension cable) at both ends. You'll want to be looking at 200mbps or better powerline networking.

If your wiring is old or you don't have enough wall sockets, then you want wireless. For gaming only the very best of wireless will do. So you're looking at wireless AC (also known as 802.11ac) with MIMO and beam-forming, and just as importantly a wireless adapter on your computer/console that can handle that. At this point in 2014, the best routers for gaming are:

Asus RT-AC66U. We've gone for the 66U rather than the faster 68U due to the firmware issues.
Linksys EA6900
Netgear R6300
D-Link DIR-868L

If your router needs to be an ADSL modem as well, then your best bet is the:
Netgear D6300

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