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Standard Router Settings in the UK

Standard Router Settings UK

We make no guarantee that these settings will work for you or your specific router, they are provided here purely
as an assistance for those who are unable to get answers from their router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

ADSL Settings / WAN Settings

 Setting   Value 
 Encapsulation:  RFC 2364 PPPoA
 Multiplexing:  VC
 QoS Type:  UBR
 Autodetect:  Enable
 Virtual Circuit (VC):  VPI (0) - VCI (38)
 DSL Modulation:  MultiMode
 Username:  You really will need to get this from your ISP. You can try your email address if not sure.
 Password:  Whatever password you have setup with your ISP.
 Connect on Demand:  Disabled
 Keep Alive:  Enabled (Redial period 30seconds)
 MTU:  Auto
 MTU Size:  1500

Network LAN Settings

 Setting   Value 
 Local IP Address:
 Subnet Mask:
 DHCP Server:  Enable
 Max number of DHCP users:  set this to however many different devices you will be connecting to your router and add 3
 Client Lease Time:  0
 Timezone:  GMT
 Auto adjust for daylight savings:  Enable
 Language:  English.

Wireless Settings
Wireless settings are complex and you should review our router trouble-shooting guide if you are having trouble with these.

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