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Xbox 360

Best wireless router for the Microsoft Xbox 360

The XBox360 can use both wired and wireless routers, and similarly modem routers. Although wired (modem) routers are cheaper than wireless ones, there isn't usually much in it, and wireless routers provide extra benefits. Specifically, they are much tidier - with no cables trailing round your house, and they are more flexible - if you want to move your phone line or Microsoft Xbox 360 you don't need to worry about keeping them close together or buying a new router.

XBox360 logo

Connecting a router to the XBox360 will improve your console in a number of ways:

• you can browse the internet
• download the latest updates (also known as firmware) for your XBox360 - these can provide new capabilities and functionality
• you can play games online with your friends
• you can chat with your friends on-line
• you can get new games and new content from XBox Live

But you want to know how to choose a wireless router for XBox360. The Microsoft Xbox 360 conforms to the wireless g & wireless n (with adapter) wireless standard, so nearly all modern wireless routers and modem routers from major manufacturers will work with it. For the Xbox 360 you may need to buy a wireless adapter (there are two available a g version and a newer n version - if at all possible you should get the n adapter for higher speeds and better connection).

Use our wireless router wizard to pick the best router for you and which work best with the Xbox360.

start wireless router wizard

If you've got a router and want to know how to go about connecting XBox360 to wireless internet, then here is a link to the official wireless set-up site for Microsoft Xbox 360

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