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Basic help needed

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Basic help needed

So I don't know anything about routers and not much about computers. I need to get my new flat set up so I can use my iPad and my laptop and I might possibly get a wi at some point too. I just connected to my friend's wireless in my old flat so I don't know how to go about buying a router or what I need to do so can you please help, I'm wondering if it will be more complicated as I have Mac and non Mac stuff? I don't have a connection yet as I don't know what level to go with (I don't download that much but do have a Love Film account and watch a couple of films a week). Cheers.

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Hi medl3d

Hi medl3d
Once you've got an internet connection for your new flat set up, you should use the Wireless Router Wizard (bottom left of the homepage) to help you find the router that best matches what you want. Whatever - you get shouldn't cost you too much as you don't need dual-band.
Do make sure to read our modem router or broadband router article in the articles section to make sure you get the right type of router though!

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