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max upload speed

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max upload speed


My home is far from DSLAM (approx 2km). It is of utmost importance to me to squeeze the last bits per second, mostly on the up-link side from my PSTN lines, as I am teaching online using a webcam. No other feature is of any importance (apart stability) provided the cost is reasonable - under let's say £200.
Which ADSL 2+ modem to get.

P.S. I do not think we have ITU G.992.5 Annex M in Greece yet.



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Hi Dusan,

Hi Dusan,
Good question! ADSL2+ has a maximum upload speed of 2Mbps so you'll never get more than that. And because it's ADSL as you rightly said distance from DSLAM makes a big difference. A long way away (like 2km) is going to slow you down a lot.

There are two main chipsets used in ADSL modems (and the modem parts of modem routers): Broadcom and Trendchip.

*Very* broadly speaking Trendchip is a little faster but less reliable. There is not a lot of difference in it though, and as reliability is super-important in your job I guess you may want to stick with Broadcom. Though the perfect scenario is if you can test them both to see what works for you.
Nearly all manufacturers use different chips in different modems/routers, and sometimes in different models of the same router, so do check before you buy anything. Historically, Netgear and TP-Link tend to use Broadcom, but this has been changing recently.
Obviously use a wired connection rather than a wireless one for speed/stability if you can.
An alternative you may want to think about is buying a separate modem from the broadband router. That way you could just buy a cheap modem from each of the chipsets and see which works best for you
Hope this helps,

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