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router question

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router question

Hi im wanting to get a new router for my house. We do alot of hd streaming and gaming and i want to upgrade my old netgear g router. I have a 35mb/s dl connection when i plug straight into my router and i only get about 15 mb/s on my wireless n laptop and other n devices. I was wondering if i were to get a wireless new router, probally this ( will i finally get my 35 mb/s or close to it on wireless or will i still be getting 15 mb/s? Thanks.

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That router will easily cover

That router will easily cover your wired needs.
Wireless will always be slower than wired, and whatever the box says on the router in normal use I find you get about a tenth of that. So a 450Mbps WNDR4500 should give you roughly 45mb/s.

Make sure your laptop wireless can handle the speed though.

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