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have a question with speed of routers

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have a question with speed of routers

Hello ALL

Im a newbie here.. So please be paitence with me
I would like some opinions/advice/information to help me in what router shall I buy.
I was thinking of buying Linksys EA4500 or Linksys E4200v2

but just wanted to get some info..
Current I have hardwired to my router are:
2 desktop PC
1 xbox360

3 Laptop,
4 mobile, 1
1 xbox (1 hardwired other 1 is wireless)
1 wii
1 playstation 3
1 ipad

I am Looking for a router that will give me maximum connectivity speed also maximum range as this router will need to cover a large area.. 2 houses infact..
and some of my devices is old. i.e laptops so they can only can run on G

so my question is.. what is the maxium speed can I get for a G band and a N band router... and what router would you recomened. I live in the uk and Im on a DSL connection.


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Hi Neo - welcome to the

Hi Neo - welcome to the forums.
That's a lot of kit you've got on that router :-)
The EA4500 looks like a really good router, the only thing to keep in mind is that this Linksys design can get quite hot, so if you're putting it in an enclosed area or somewhere without ventilation, you may want to consider an alternative (the Netgear WNDR4500 is equivalent specification).

The hardwired stuff will be fine whichever router you go for (Just make sure it's got gigabit ports). The xbox will only connect at 100Meg, but should be plenty.

Wireless is trickier. Most of what you've listed there is 2.4GHz band only, and stuff like the PS3 and Wii are wireless G only. In mixed mode it really varies router to router, but in our experience you'll probably only get a slight boost on Wireless G speeds (about a third normal wireless N speeds).

The router you've listed doesn't have an ADSL modem built in, so you'll need a separate modem!
You've got lots of options, but if you wanted to go all out then you could go for option 1:
For the ultimate wireless speed (as you''re looking at fairly high end kit here) you could go for a router with simultaneous dual-band. The EA4500 and WNDR4500 both offer this. That way you can set the faster stuff up on the 5GHz band at full wireless N speed (450Mbps) and the older slower kit can use the 2.4GHz band in mixed mode. NOTE: you will need dual-band enabled kit to use the 5GHz band! If you''re not sure whether something is dual-band enabled, it probably isn''t :-(

The problem here is that 5GHz doesn't go that far, range is poor in most cases, and youre trying to get it across 2 houses! So you could get a bridge/repeater to spread the signal further (more cost!) to keep the speed on the 5GHz band.

A cheaper approach is option 2:
Don't worry about dualband and get a wireless N router that does 450Mbps in the 2.4GHz channel (make sure it has 3 antennae), and gigabit ethernet and that accept that it would run in mixed mode the whole time.

Or for completeness... option3:
Get one of the 4500's and slowly upgrade your laptops, etc to dual-band over time, and accept that you''re stuck in mixed mode for now on the 2.4GHz band.

Hope this helps.

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