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Beyond Infinity - 300Mbps from BT

14th July 2013

BT continue their stream of announcements about ever faster broadband, with the promise of 50 exchanges offering 300Mbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband by the end of 2013. They had previously promised that this speed would be available from April 2012.

BT infinity to 300Mbps

The exact exchanges to benefit have not been identified yet, but BT have stated that their upgraded Infinity service will cost £50 per month. For that subscribers will get a 20 Mbps upstream connection, and the product will not be subject to usage limits and is free from traffic management.

BT has also announced that they are upgrading the router which new Infinity users get. The Home Hub 5 will be an 802.11ac router with 4 Gigabit ethernet ports and a built in VDSL (cable) modem, meaning no separate Openreach modem will be required. The design is similar to previous versions. No date for the switchover from Home Hub 4 has been announced yet, but existing subscribers will get one as part of a recontract or for a small fee.

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