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Fluctuating broadband speeds tracked

Broadband speeds vary at different times of day. Well, okay. Nothing new there. But until now only ISPs and infrastructure firms really knew how much. Now, Comparison site uSwitch has done the checking for us, and the numbers they've come up with are quite surprising!

Between 7pm and 9pm the peak of the broadband day, you can expect your speeds to drop by an average of 35 per cent. Ouch! And for the non-statisticians out there, that average part means that a good number of people are doing even worse than that. Indeed the residents of Weston-Super-Mare can watch their speeds fall from 9.5Mbps to 3.4Mbps in peak time (that's 64 per cent - to save you doing the maths). Evesham sees a 69 per cent drop, and various other locations show very unhealthy slow downs.

uSwitch based their findings on over 2 million speed tests so it's as good a sample size as you're likely to get, however do be aware that uSwitch's figures have previously been challenged by ISPs. Even if they're out though, the broad trend is likely to be correct, so next time you're muttering at your router and wondering why your internet connection is so slow, it may be that having a nice cup of tea and coming back in an hour will work wonders.

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