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BT 40Mbps Broadband

22nd January 2010.

British Telecom has announced it's new top-speed BT Infinity broadband product for residential homes. BT Infinity will deliver up to 40Megabit/sec (Mbps) download speeds and 10Mbps upload speeds. So, not really infinity then, but a pretty good speed none-the-less. It achieves this impressive (by UK standards) speed by installing fibre to the cabinet, so be warned this service is only available in certain areas - expect city centres to be first in line.

There are two flavours of this speedy goodness available:

Option 1 costs £19.99 per month, with an initial activation fee of £50 and a minimum contract length of 18 months. For this you get a BT wireless N Home Hub, a 5GB online Digital Vault for backing up your files, and 250 minutes of BT's OpenZone WiFi usage per month. This option is hobbled slightly though with a 20GB monthly download limit and a maximum upload speed of 2Mbit/sec.

Option 2 costs the obligatory penny short of £25 pounds per month, with no connection fee. It's also a minimum 18 month contract, so you're spending a minimum of £449.82 with BT for this option (versus £359.82 for Option 1). It still comes with the BT wireless N Home Hub and a 5GB online Digital Vault (with auto-backup), but for your extra £90 though you get no download limit, unlimited OpenZone WiFi minutes, McAfee security and the full 10Mbps upload speed.

Both options come with free engineer installation and are subject to BT's fair usage policy, which includes throttling P2P (bit torrent) traffic. In the interests of balance Virgin's 50Mbps service will cost you an exrta £7.47 per month over Option 1 here.

BT Infinity will start rolling out from January 25th.

Also rolling out is BT's new super fast broadband service to business which will be known as BT Business Total Broadband Fibre. From 25th January, new and existing BT Total Broadband and BT Business customers in enabled exchange areas will automatically be eligible for the up to 40 Mb/s broadband service. Nice!

More info from BT for consumers and businesses.

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