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D-Link Announces Super-fast Wireless N Router (DIR-665)

20th January 2010.

D-Link has announced what it is claiming is "a giant leap in wireless networking technology". It is preparing to ship its first wireless n (802.11n) router with 3x3 MIMO technology. We all love a bit of jargon, but what exactly is 3x3 MIMO? It's basically a fairly complex way of using the multiple antennae in the router separately rather than together to deliver faster performance. D-Link explains that it "uses three distinct data streams to enable fast data transfer speeds up to 450 Mbps". Most N routers run at 300Mbps.

But just a minute, didn't Belkin do 3x3 MIMO in the N1 Vision way back in 2007, and haven't Trend and other manufacturers had 3x3 MIMO routers for a while now? What's really new here?

According to D-Link the Switchable Dual-Band Router (DIR-665), to give it its full name, is the first router to feature the Marvell 88W8366/88W8063 3x3 chipset enabling this faster speed. And they've completed the Marvell set, by incorporating a Marvell 1GHz CPU and Gigabit ethernet chips.

The router has Intel Centrino compatibility certification. Indeed according to Alexander Quach, Intel's Director of Wireless Marketing, "The D-link DIR-665 router meets our new Ultimate-N tier of Connect with Intel Centrino interoperability." We're not entirely sure what an ultimate-n tier of Connect is, but it sure sounds good. Luckily Alexander goes on to explain that it offers "the performance required for data intensive applications such as streaming rich media throughout your home."

When it comes to specifications, the DIR-665 offers gigabit LAN and WAN ports, Dual band (5GHz and 2.4Ghz), and SharePort for printer sharing. The wireless router also boasts with D-Link's Green Technology to save you power and hence money. No pricing or availability yet, but they're touting a Q1 launch so watch this space.

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