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Gigabit broadband arrives in the UK!

10th December 2010

BT has obviously gotten tired of being abused by OFCOM, Virgin, World Broadband Speed reports, the government and pretty much everyone over its broadband speeds and has come out fighting. It has announced it will be trialling Gigabit fibre broadband in Kesgrave, Suffolk "early next year".

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The trial is being used to demonstrate the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) technology that BT is expecting to roll out to about 25% of homes. The other 41% will get Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and can expect lower speeds as a result.

There's a missing 34% you say? Yes, that's the homes that can't expect any fibre from BT, unless BT were to win [all of] the government funds set aside for rural broadband. If they "were to win on that scale" (£830m) BT estimate they could provide fibre to 90% of homes (via either FTTC or FTTH).

The FTTH trial will be extended at the tail end of 2011 to another 40 undisclosed market towns (presumably new builds with fibre already in place), with an aim towards a broader rollout through 2015.

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