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IP v6 coming to home routers

5th June 2012

June 6th marks one year to the day since IPv6 day. Come on, surely you remember IPv6 day? No? Well let us refresh you. The internet was running out of IPv4 addresses, so there was a big push to move everybody on to the new IPv6 standard which had a huge number of addresses and would never run out. Lots of big technology companies threw their weight behind it and some large organisations moved onto the new standard.

This had an unexpected side-effect which was to free up many of the old IPv4 addresses those companies had used and so the urgency to move everyone else reduced.

Undeterred, the IPv6 team are pushing the anniversary to continue the move to the new standard, and have even unveiled a super new logo. Perhaps more importantly there has been a move by some of the router manufacturers to pledge to support IPv6 in all of their new routers. The forward-looking manufacturers who signed up are: Cisco (linksys), D-Link, NEC and ZyXEL. So there are a few notable absences there.

Nonetheless, IPv6 will be the internet standard of the future and so you shouldn't buy a router now if it doesn't support IPv6.

IP v6 logo

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