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Netgear announces WNDR3700 "Ultimate Networking Machine"

1st September 2009.

Netgear today announced the availability of their WNDR3700 wireless n router. Touting it as the "ultimate networking machine" they are targeting an audience of gamers, media enthusiasts and small businesses.

Netgear are very proud that this router won the "Best of Innovations" award at CES 2009 and visually it is clearly a step up from their previous efforts.

Ooooh shiny

The new router is part of their RangeMax er...range and is a dual-band offering, featuring gigabit LAN, DLNA and QoS support, and a guest network facility. Also featuring is a NAS type capability through "high-speed" access to USB drives. USB drives being much slower than SATA or even EIDE drives we're struggling to understand how this is high-speed, but it could save you splashing out on a Network Attached Storage device if you don't need maximum transfer rates.

Lastly, and probably of least use for most folks is the broadband monitoring facility, this tells you how much you've downloaded during a certain period should your ISP be a bit stingey with its limits.

Media and gaming router credentials are supported by its 680 MHz processor, 500Mbps WAN to LAN speed, and 350 Mbps real-world maximum wireless throughput, though we're inclined to think the dual-band connections and eight, yes count them, antennas will probably be more beneficial if you're using wireless for gaming/streaming.

It also has a nice green facility to lower the power settings at the touch of a button. No word on price yet, but expect it to be near the top end of the scale.

More on the WNDR3700 available from netgear here.

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