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Thinking of getting Sky Fibre?

Non-sky routers may not work

27th July 2013

There's been a lot of discussions about Sky's new fibre offerings. Although it uses the standard BT OpenReach fibre connection and a BT OpenReach modem, the modem is set to use MER (MAC Encapsulated Routing) to ensure that only Sky's Sagem router connects to the modem.

If you already have a good router, or want to use something better than the Sagem (which is quite a few routers!) then you need to be very careful before going with Sky. Unless your router has the capability to provide a MER id (username/password) within it's firmware (not many do currently) you won't be able to connect without a lot of work, and even then users are reporting intermittent results.

For an example of the lengths some users are going to see the Sky forums here and here.

Most approaches seem to involve deleting the software (firmware) that comes with your router and replacing it with DD-WRT a custom firmware - this is not for the faint-hearted.

Routers where this is known to work are (router names link to detailed examples where available):

• Billion BiPAC 7800N (supported in latest firmware)
TP-Link WR1403ND

• For a list of routers which can run DD-WRT see the DD-WRT database.

If you know of a router that works with Sky Fibre, then let us know in the forums and we'll update this article.

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