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UK places mid-table in Cisco broadband play-offs

1st October 2009.

Cisco, a company selling high-speed networking kit, has commissioned some research about the global state of broadband. And in a result certain to shock very few people they have concluded that the UK is not exactly setting the pace.

At the top of the leader-board are South Korea and Japan, with the UK turning in a respectable if not exactly earth-shattering 25th (out of 66 nations) with regards to the quality and reach of broadband networks. We were 31st if you take speed only into account.

Beaten by such technological power-houses as Latvia, Romania, and even Belgium, the UK's reliance on copper and phonelines, and it's laughable attempt to raise funds through a broadband tax has left us languishing somewhat. Hopefully, this poor performance in a league table (so beloved by politicians) will help the government raise this up their agenda a little. That or the story on the BBC news.

The really interesting thing within the research to us was the range of broadband levels out there. In the lead countries you have the government delivering universal 1Gbps broadband. That's 125 times faster than most of the UK. We don't even have those sorts of speeds on our distant radar, let alone a programme underway to deliver them. Meanwhile at the foot of the league table are Kenya and Nigeria still hitting dial-up speeds. We guess they've put all their efforts into e-mail servers...

The research was carried out jointly by Said BUsiness School (Oxford) and the Universidad de Oviedo, so if number-crunching is your thing and you want the unedited details, fill your boots.

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