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Western Digital My Net Routers

8th July 2012

Western Digital(WD) has entered the router market with its My Net range of routers. These are an extension of their MyBook Live and WD TV products, with Western Digital branding these routers with the tagline "entertainment accelerator".

Western Digital My Net Routers

There are 4 routers in the range: the N900, the N900 Central, the N750 and the N600.

Starting at the bottom the N600 is a dual band 300Mbps (both bands) router, with a single USB2 port and four 100Meg ethernet ports and is aiming at the budget end of the market. The N750 offers dual band but only the 5GHz band reaches 450Mbps and has four Gigabit ethernet ports and two USB2 ports. The N900 has dual band and both bands running at 450Mbps, it has SEVEN gigabit ethernet ports for those with a lot of wired kit and dual USB2 ports. The real news here is the N900 Central. This is the same as the N900 but with only 4 gigabit ethernet ports and a single USB2 port, however it does come with built-in storage - options currently are 1 or 2 terabytes. So now we have a router with a built in NAS.

All 4 routers support printer and storage sharing via USB ports, and sport a simplified set-up process. The other big difference WD are claiming is the FasTrack traffic prioritisation firmware, which adjusts the routers operation according to the traffic streaming over the network. There are two versions of this software, FasTrack and FasTrack Plus. Only the N900 models get FasTrack Plus.

Basic FasTrack comes with pre-programmed services (Netflix, YouTube, Skype, Spotify, etc) and automatically identifies and gives priority to them. Add up to 21 of your own services if these don't nibble your nuggets.

FasTrack Plus doesn't need pre-programmed services, it just recognises the traffic flowing on your network and automatically prioritises streaming, online games, phone calls, etc. Impressive, if it works.

More info on FasTrack on the WD site.

Prices in the US for these routers are shaping up as below with the routers already shipping, expect them in the UK soon:

My Net N900 Central (2TB) - $349.99
My Net N900 Central (1TB) - $299.99
My Net N900 - $179.99
My Net N750 - $119.99
My Net N600 - $79.99

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