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Wi-Fi Alliance gets the Gig

10th May 2010.
WiGig is, as you will remember, a 60GHz next-generation wireless standard. Operating in that part of the spectrum means it is ideal for fairly short range stuff (say up to 10m), but gives great bandwidth up to 7Gb/sec.

Well, the WiGig team (Wireless Gigabit Alliance if you must) have certainly gained first-mover advantage. Not only is their standard pretty much finalised, they've also penned a deal with the Wi-Fi Alliance. This deal means that WiGig becomes part of the Wi-Fi family, with the wide public recognition that brings.

   Wi-Fi Alliance logo     wireless gigabit alliance WiGig logo

Although the standard will probably be aimed at beaming High Definition tv signals around the home to begin with, it isn't hard to imagine WiGig devices daisy-chaining together to cover the whole home and overcome the 10m limit. WiGig is backwards compatible with 802.11b/g/n too. A 7Gb/s wireless home network, sir? Why, thank you very much.

WiGig partners can start producing kit immediately based on the standards, and that's an impressive list, including: Atheros, Broadcom, Cisco, DELL, Intel, Marvell, MediaTek, Microsoft, NEC, Nokia, nVidia, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Wilocity, AMD, Agilent, Beam, Harman, NXP, Peraso, Ralink, Realtek, SKtelecom, ST, Texas Instruments, TMC. So expect kit to start appearing in the shops and online later this year.

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