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TP-Link TD-W8968

    Features of TP-Link TD-W8968

TP-Link TD-W8968TP-Link TD-W8968

Brilliant value consumer oriented ADSL modem router

Winner of our award for best modem router for less than £50

Router type:
Wireless standards:
Wired network (LAN) ports:
Radio bands:
Other features:
Price bracket:
Our comments:
Our rating:

Wireless Modem (ADSL2+) Router
802.11n (full), 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11a
10Mbps, 100Mbps
Single band (2.4GHz)
Receive 2 x Transmit 2
USB2.0 port for printer/storage sharing
low (less than £50)
incredible value and great reliability make this a solid value performer
5 stars out of 5

This router is available from the following retailers:

amazongo toamazon
dabsgo todabs
currysgo tocurrys

Remember to check the model number - many manufacturers have similarly named wireless routers with different features.

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